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Party Next Door - West District

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ツイッターH×Hまとめ | 烏鴨 [pixiv] 

Some more works from the same artist :)

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At their best, in spite of everything. Thank you.

** 2009 SMOKEY ROBINSON “Time Flies When You’re Having Fun”

" Smokey still makes it all seem easy — so easy that it’s puzzling why he hasn’t made a record like this in so long, because as this comforting, velvety album proves, nobody does it better than he.”

** 2010 GIL SCOTT-HERON “I’m New Here”

I’m New Here is a shock. It’s a wallop filled with big nasty beats, a wide range of sonic atmospheres, and more — sometimes unintentional — autobiographical intimacy than we’ve heard from Gil Scott-Heron than ever before.”

** 2008 AL GREEN “Lay It Down”

"what happens when you put that amazing soul-drenched voice in the hands of hip-hop producers Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson of the Roots and James Poyser, and add a slew of superstar guests? Answer: a killer Al Green soul album.”

** 2012 BOBBY WOMACK “The Bravest Man In The Universe”

"this is an album that affirms the power of life, in all of its mess and glory."